In Wupwoo, you can create and customise your own avatar, known as a WupU. You can change your avatar’s facial features and hair, and you can dress your avatar. From eyebrows to ears to mouths, customise your avatar in anyway using the arrows at either side of your avatar’s face. Also, in the ‘WupU’ section, you can also generate a random avatar if you wish. Therefore, providing you with any anonymity you desire. You can also dress your avatar any way you choose, picking from a range of different tops, bottoms and shoes. Don’t forget to save your outfit to your wardrobe, so you can easily swap between saved outfits.

To find out how to use the WupU, Dress and Wardrobe sections, please see How To : WupU, Dress, My Wardrobe.

A hand holding a mobile phone displaying the wupu feature to edit the avatar.

A hand holding a mobile phone displaying the dress section of the app.

A hand holding a phone displaying the avatar chat list in a chat venue.

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