What Can I Do on Wupwoo?

Wupwoo is a free, fun, secure, anonymous social support app

for all ages!

Key points of Wupwoo:

  • Personalisation
  • Targeted helpful information
  • Safe chats
  • Online and real-life activities
  • Credits and rewards


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Avatars (WupU, Dress, Wardrobe)

You can create and customise your own avatar, known as a WupU. Change your WupU’s facial features, from mouths to eyes and hair. Allowing you to customise your avatar in anyway you like. To provide you with anonymity, you can also generate a random avatar if you wish. You can also dress your WupU avatar, choosing from a variety of different tops, bottoms and shoes. Then, you can save your outfit to the ‘my wardrobe’ section. Make your WupU avatar look like you or make it completely different! Your “Wupu” will then represent you in Wupwoo, including in the chat venues.

My Personal Space

In your personal space, you can decorate everything, including walls, floors, and adding furniture. Decorate and furnish your own personal space to suit your style. Your personal space is completely private. No-one else can see or enter your personal space. There is also a ‘help’ section if you need any guidance with using your personal space. Some furniture items in your personal space also take you to other areas of Wupwoo. Don’t forget, you can save your favourite information hub resources to your personal space.


Socialising on Wupwoo can be a great way to meet new people and chat with them about similar interests. It is also a way for you to connect with people facing similar difficulties as you. In the socialising area, you will see multiple chat venues about a variety of topics. There are ‘public’ venues, or ‘private’ venues. To enter a private venue you must request entry to a chat in order to chat, or be invited. You can also have one-to-one private chat with other users. All chat venues and private chats are monitored for your safety. There is a moderator in every chat venue.


The ‘support’ section works just like the ‘socialise’ section. It lets you connect with people with similar issues, creating a supportive community. It gives you the opportunity to potentially help other users and be helped by other users. Upon entering a support chat venue, you will be asked to answer three simple questions in order to gain access. After this you may be asked to pick a costume to wear for the specific venue. This costume is to disguise your gender and provide you with full anonymity.

Information Hubs

We have information hubs on a range of topics. Browse through a variety of self-help videos, documents and links to other helpful resources. All of the resources have been curated to ensure they’re safe and suitable. Some information hubs and some resources are restricted by age and team. This is so what you can see is tailored to your age and what team you are in. You can save your favourite resources to your personal space! Don’t forget to rate the resources when you leave an information hub, so we know which resources users find most helpful! There is also a user list, where you can see moderators and professionals. This lets you talk to them for one-on-one for support and help.

League Tables

Choose a league table from the side menu that you want to see. You can then click a column heading on the league table to order the table by that column. One of our league tables is about information hub resources. So you can see how other users have rated information hub resources.

Urgent Help

In case of an emergency, you can click on the ‘urgent help’ button. This will give you a list of emergency contacts to support you in any way. However, this button is only for if you are needing urgent support and there is no-one on Wupwoo.

Mood Tracking

Track your emotions and mood, using your own avatar to reflect how you are feeling. Rate your mood on a coloured scale. Label the scale to show which feelings you are tracking. You can track your mood as often as every hour and earn credits for doing so. You can also choose for your avatar to display your mood rating in the app, This means wherever you or other users see your avatar in the app, it will display the facial expression for the chosen mood. Then, use the mood chart to see your mood tracking over time. Choose to view it over a day, month or year. Therefore, you can see if there are any patterns in your mood over time.


Keep track of things going on in your life and keep yourself organised with the diary. You can also use the routine tracking widget in the diary to track how often you do certain things. Such as, completed your homework, exercised or cleaned your room. This also allows you to track how often you rate your mood and click on information hub resources. The calendar widget is also helpful to keep track of upcoming events, birthdays, deadlines and more. Use the to do list widget to make lists and tick off the tasks as you complete them. The goals widget is good to set yourself a goal and then see how close you are to achieving that goal. And much more!

Activities and Games

When you click on the ‘activities & games’ section, this allows you to explore a wide range of games and activities designed to give you the perfect short-term entertainment. The activity section provides you with a way to participate in real-life activities, by clicking on the ‘activities’ button and choosing which activity you want to participate in. There will be tags at the specific activity that you can scan to register your participation in Wupwoo, so you can earn credits for your participation. The games section allows you to play in-app games.

My Account

In the ‘My account’ section, you will have access to the information you provided when you first signed up. You can change your personal information here including your password etc. In the ‘my account’ section, there is a ‘teams’ page where you can see details about the team you are a member of, as well as a list of other teams in Wupwoo which you can join. You can do this by clicking the ‘join this team’ button.


This section allows you to give any useful feedback back to Wupwoo so we can make it better everyday for you. Once you have answered the questions, just press submit and you can collect 2 credits for giving us your feedback!


By clicking on the ‘credits’ button, you are taken to the credit section of Wupwoo. Here, if you want to collect credits from a credit spot then you can use the QR code, by clicking the ‘scan code’ button, or an NFC tag by clicking the ‘tap NFC tag’ button, or you can use the number code, by clicking the ‘enter code’ button. When you scan the QR code, or tap the NFC tag, or enter the number code at the credit spot, you should see a message that says it was successful – then you have properly collected the credits. If you get an error message then something went wrong and you won’t have received the credits, so try again.


Collect credits from “Wupwoo posters”, websites, or anywhere you see a “Wupwoo credit spot logo” displayed. Just scan the QR code or enter the number code to receive the credits on your Wupwoo app. Save your credits to exchange for real-life deals – such as discounts and offers at local facilities, shops and cafes! Credits can also be earned from doing certain things in the Wupwoo app, such as tracking your mood, giving feedback on Wupwoo and completing activities. There’s plenty of ways for you to earn yourself great deals in real-life!

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