Bribery Statement

Wupwoo Ltd and its Directors are committed to ensuring that the principles of the Bribery Act 2010 are upheld and adhered to, insofar as the Company approach will be proportionate to the risk and the size of our organisation. 

Those in senior positions will ensure that the organisation conducts its business without bribery. The Company will risk assess the potential for bribery and keep this risk assessment up to date and review it periodically.

The company will show due diligence by having a risk based approach and provide training if this is required. All employees must be aware that Wupwoo will not tolerate any form of bribery,  we are committed to promoting anti bribery practices. 

There are two general offences: 

If you are a victim of, or suspect that a member of the Wupwoo team has been offered a bribe, you must in the first instance report this to a member of the Board of Directors. If you suspect that a member of the Wupwoo team is offering a bribe to another person then again you must report this immediately to a member of the Board of Directors. 

Should an employee of Wupwoo be suspected of bribery, then the Company will conduct a full investigation. If the person being investigated is found to have committed the offence, then a disciplinary meeting will occur. Bribery constitutes gross misconduct and the person will be dismissed under the terms of our disciplinary procedure. The matter will be handed over to the appropriate authorities for their consideration.   

The maximum penalty for bribery is 10 years imprisonment, with an unlimited fine. Below is a link to The Bribery Act 2010  


Version 3

Review March 2019