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Press Release – July 2019

Local Doncaster Based Social Media Company Win Innovation Award

Worcestershire Health and Care Trust has been named the winner of the MidTECH Award for Best NHS-Developed Innovation at the annual Meridian Celebration of Innovation Awards 2019 (, with their new and innovative app BESTIE, developed by Doncaster Company, Wupwoo Ltd.

The MidTECH award, recognising BESTIE as a unique and innovative form of online support for young people, was presented during the annual ceremony on Thursday 18th July at the Park Regis Birmingham.

Steve Johnson, Founder of Wupwoo, said “It has been an absolute pleasure working in collaboration with such an enthusiastic and motivated team. Our collective vision is to make a real difference in the way that young people have access to effective support.” He goes on to say, “that our solution can scale, without putting any additional demands on the resources of the NHS and still deliver a personalised service.”

Wupwoo is a social support app offering a form of online support to anyone who needs it. It is a place where users can immerse themselves into the Wupwoo world of communication, self-expression and recreation.  It first launched in 2013, when the takeover of mobile devices, face-to-face conversation was slowly becoming a thing of the past and there was an increasing problem with people only communicating over social media and instant messaging. Wupwoo is a fun, exciting app, bound to put a smile on peoples faces. It is a positive change for the better! Users can communicate through chat venues, and can have the opportunity to meet new people in real-life activities. It allows people to break down barriers and have fun.

In 2017, Steve Johnson, began working with the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust on a different project with his other company, POSM Limited. It was expressed by the Trust that they were searching for a digital solution to help young people suffering with poor mental health without putting more strain on the NHS and CAMHS waiting lists. Seeing the opportunity, Steve explained what Wupwoo was and how it could be evolved to suit their needs. A workshop took place in November 2017, where ideas were discussed with Worcester Health and Care NHS Trust employees and CAMHS staff, some CAMHS users and Youth Board members. They gave their thoughts and wishes on what they wanted Wupwoo to become and how they wanted it to look. Further workshops took place, and eventually, named by the youth board, BESTIE was born as their own personalised version of Wupwoo.

In addition to BESTIE, two other NHS Trusts were nominated with their own innovations for the MidTECH Award for Best NHS-Developed Innovation. The University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust with COPDPredict™, and the University Hospitals of Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) with the Solihull Approach.

The awards are organised by West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN). Tammy Holmes, who headed up the judging panel said, “Every year we see the quality of submissions grow. Every one of our shortlisted candidates was chosen because they are addressing a real challenge in healthcare and offering solutions to the sorts of issues facing professionals, patients and carers every day.” The awards celebrate the Meridian Innovation Health Exchange, and the WMAHSN’s pioneering interactive online exchange to give people the opportunity to share their ideas, build groups and networks and connect with those whose innovations could change healthcare in the West Midlands. 

Full details about the event can be found at

Press Release – January 2013

Turn your frown upside down as January Blues go Orange!

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices, the art of face-to-face conversation is becoming a distant memory. Is this not adding to the traditional January blues with a lot of negativity and gloom already everywhere? Wupwoo is a brand new, fun free game. It is sure to give players a laugh and smile. As such, Wupwoo is a very uplifting change for the better! While using a smart phone app, but with face to face communication to win great prizes.

This is the totally new innovative solution that a Doncaster owned organisation have created. With so many businesses struggling under the weight of the recession, MD Stephen said “I looked at the seemingly recession proof, growth areas of, gaming, drinking, dating, mobile devices and apps; with the problem of struggling pubs and clubs; mix in the public’s current appetite for digital technology and that’s how Wupwoo was born.”

People in general always feel good when talking and socialising. So, why then is it becoming a passing trend? Would you not like the perfect excuse to break down barriers, to talk, meet new people, have a laugh and win great prizes on a night out? At the same time, this is also helping to market local businesses, and bring custom into the fantastic pubs and clubs of Doncaster – the very places that used to be the heart of our social community.

Due to the perceived increase in opportunities of larger cities, the majority of businesses choose to start elsewhere. Would it not then be great to put Doncaster on the map for something great? Other than Donny Rovers, of course.

To quote Rickey Cooper “Wupwoo is ingenious”. It has the ability of using cutting edge digital technology to promote any businesses in a extremely cost effective way.

Doncaster’s very own real-life social network – a totally new concept for 2013.

The wupwoo app can be installed from app stores for: Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone devices for free.

Free sign up at is also required.

We have a promotional video “What’s Wupwoo” on Youtube filmed and produced using local talent and filmed in Epworth, Doncaster.

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