“Socialise” is the perfect way to chat with other like-minded people, with similar interests. There are many different chat venues for you to visit and meet new people in. Chat venues can be based on hobbies and interests, sports, real venues/locations etc. Some chat venues have age restrictions, so they are appropriately tailored to users. This means that you might not always be able to see a chat venue that someone else can.

There are also different types of chat venues:

  • Public – everyone can see these.
  • Private Visible – everyone can see these, but users have to request to enter them.
  • Private Hidden – these chat venues are only visible to users who are invited to them.

Also, everyone is anonymous in a chat venue. You can socialise in a group chat with all users in a chat venue, and you can mute anyone whose messages you don’t want to see. You can also socialise in a private one-to-one chat with a user. All chat venues and private chats are monitored for your safety. There is also a moderator in every chat venue.

To find out how to use chat venues, please see How To : Socialise.

A hand holding a mobile phone showing the socialise section of the mobile app with chat venues.

A hand holding a mobile showing a chat venue with multiple people talking in it.

A hand holding a mobile phone showing a private one-to-one chat on the app.

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